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God has a plan for you.

37 degrees Celsius outside. A few years ago I would not have imagined living in the center of Spain. But God changes things. And always for the better. We are working on our website - and soon we will have more updates and projects we want to tell you about. But for right now I just want to leave you with a thought: God has a plan for you.

It does not matter, where you come from. It does not matter, how "worthy" you are right now to live in the dreams and plans of God. He has not given up on you. As long as you are alive He still has more and better things in store for you. Why? Because He loves you. Because He, as Jesus, gave his life for you - and for me. God has swept us into a beautiful journey here in Spain - and He has one for you, too. Seek Him. Get into your Bible. Or get a Bible if you don`t have one right now. Go into prayer, into communion with Jesus. He is amazing. And He wants to show Himself to you.

Grace & Peace

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